After two months in Cusco I can look back to an unforgettable time. The combination of work and cultural experience makes this internship special!

On the one hand I felt as an important part of the CCP team or better say family. My tasks for the Marketing Department were varied, interesting and flexible. Besides it was great to support the Sports Department and help with the training and the tests we did in the school. There are so many young talents and to get the opportunity to encourage them to follow their dreams is a good feeling. In both departments I could help with my experience but also improve myself. To work together with Sony was easy. He always has new ideas but listen to our interns’ opinions and support them as well. His visions and persistence will always keep CCP alive.

On the other hand, the cultural experience couldn´t have been better. Exploring the land of the Inca, learning Spanish, trying cuy and other typical food, living with a Cusquenian family – all that teaches you so much about a different culture. In my 4 weeks of Spanish lessons I made good friends and, in the end, felt like family. Next to work and Spanish lessons was still enough time for travelling. Cusco is the perfect base for trips to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Rainbow Mountains, Arequipa and so much more great places.

All in all, I don’t regret that I came to Peru and hope to come back someday. To be part of the kids improvement and of the development of the organization makes me proud and I wish Sony and CCP all the best for the future.



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