Why us?

Have a look at the advantages that make our programs your best choice


Find a better job

By working in our programs, you will get the required real-world experience to build a stronger C.V.

Put your ideas into action

We offer an important space for creative people with fresh ideas that let us improve results

Write your thesis on new topics

Our team will help you to have access to unexplored and challenging areas of research

Develop new skills

Making decisions, team leadership, positive attitude and other skills, all of them will be developed in an international work environment

Work under close guidance

Feel always supported by our team during your time with us. Any question or doubt will be solved and clarified immediately

Get official certificates

We provide official certificates issued not only by our organization but also by a Peruvian public school.



Help children in need

Join us to give our children a fair and real opportunity to let their dreams come true

Make a social impact

Be an active part of the change by helping us to create persons with integrity who will become the model to follow in our community

Bring fulfillment tou your life

Spend quality time and enjoy every second besides our children and their personal growth




Cusco, Birthplace of the World, offers not only stunning examples of fine engineering in its archeological sites, as the citadel of Machu Picchu, but also captivating landscapes, amazing treks and astonishing ancient culture

Meet people from all over the world

Live in Cusco, the most popular destination to visit in South America, where people from everywhere arrive at anytime in the year to experience the Inca culture and its hidden treasures

Make the most of your free time

A wide range of extra activities is available: popular sports, amazing nightlife, incredible treks, Peruvian and international exquisite cuisine, adventurous activities and so on…