In my 2 months in Cusco at Creating Champions Peru I made a lot of new experiences which will help me in my further life. I saw how difficult it is to develop sports skills here for these underprivileged children. But Creating Champions Peru are doing their best to help these talented and motivated kids to develop their sport skills to the top. I am glad that I could be a part of this project and could help the organisation in an important stage.

Together with Sony we picked out the most talented kids, designed a new scouting system, prepared a specific sports-concept and put this into practice. I hope the performance of the kids will evolve continuously the next years by this means and I am really looking forward to see the next steps of CCP. I wish Sony and CCP all the best to reach your aims.

Thank you for this amazing and unforgettable time in Peru. I am thankful with all the people of CCP for letting me be a part of this project and I am looking forward to see the progress of the kids and the organisation!



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